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Excision of rectovaginal endo


Hi ladies,

Update on my surgery which was 13th November. I can not believe how good I actually feel apart from the surgery pain. I had total hysterectomy plus 1 ovary. He took both tubes too. Excision of endo and I didn't end up with a stoma even though they had to get more surgeons in because my bowel was so stuck. As soon as I woke I couldn't believe I couldn't feel endo pain. I am only 3 dpo but I really can't believe all the pain that was there before has gone :). Just wanted to share with you ladies. I am so happy ❤

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That’s great news Kerry!

Sounds like a success!

I had my surgery on Friday by 3 keyhole incisions. Both ovaries were covered WiTh Endometriosis and were removed with Fallopian tubes and the cyst was a 4.5cm endometrioma. It will take 4-5 weeks for the histology results to come back!! I am quite sore when I move but hopefully I should feel better in a few days!!! The hospital only gave me a cert for a week off work!!!! X Maria

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Thank you I had 4 incisions. I've got zero pain I really can't believe it. Why so long for histology? Well I hope u feel better soon. I just feel better each day I've not even got brain fog. I'm so shocked. They kept me in for 2 days an then I told them I was going home cos felt so great. I've not got follow up app for 8 weeks. Not allowed to Hoover for 6 weeks or pick anything heavy up. I feel like going for a run 1😂. I won't though. I think u will have to get sick note off yr doc. A week isn't right 🤔. Bet yr glad yr the other side of the op now 😊 xxx

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Hi Kerry,

I ended up back in hospital on the 19 th Nov, 3 days post surgery. I had severe pain, high fever, heavy bleeding, feeling faint and vomiting up black stuff. When I got to hospital I was septic and I spent 8 nights in hospital to get the infection under control. My bowel didn’t work either following the surgery and I couldn’t even pass gas for 8 days. The infection was as a result of a haematoma that occurred on The peritonium where the surgeon had to undtick my left ovary.

I am back at home now recovering but very weak.

It was a bit disappointing considering my surgery went so well.

Had you any bleeding following your surgery and were you put on antibiotics following your surgery?

Hope you are recovering well!

Best wishes,


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Omg that's terrible. As if the surgery itself wasn't enough to go through. I had an infection when I got home an still on antibiotics now. They gave me 3 lots of intravenous antibiotics while I was in so can't understand why I got an infection so quick. So sorry you had such a rough time and hope all goes well for you now.

Big hugs ❤🤗 xxx


Hi Kerry

That’s brilliant news! It’s such a relief being the other side isn’t it! As with most things in life it’s the unknown which is the scariest part. I had my hysterectomy on the 16th November managed to get away with a bowel shave and they took the stents out at the end of my surgery. I had an epidural before surgery which is how they do things apparently and it meant I literally had no pain at all until the next day. Even then the pain is nothing like the horrendous period pains I used to have. Just as a tip to anyone the biggest complication I had was I was really sick after surgery and nobody realised my drip wasn’t working so I ended up getting stage 3 kidney injury which kept me in hospital longer and was pretty grim. As we no our nhs is very stretched so check your drips are working ladies and anything else your worried about ask. X

That’s great news. Hope it’s still going well x

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