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Surgery update


Evening all; well I had my surgery Wednesday morning ( full hysterectomy) I have been so lucky they saved my bowel and I didn't end up with a colospeny bag they did say they had to remove my appendix also as it was swollen and attached to my right tube and could of ruptured anytime so was lucky there I'm doing ok in alot of pain but total diff pain so glad that I'm over the worst they have said my tubes from bladder to kidneys are very swollen even though I have had surgery to put stents in both my kidneys so they just need to keep an eye on that if I have to have the stents for life I'll need surgery every 6 months to replace them

Thank you all for your support on here means alot xxxxxx

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I hope they stay ok!!! Glad it went well. Get some serrapeptase in you when you can to reduce that swelling. It always works for me. Xx

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