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Pain clinic


I visited my gynae about a month ago but it was his reg who seen me. She dismissed that I’m still in pain and told me to either get pregnant or continue on the pill and discharged me. I started crying to her because I just can’t cope anymore so she told me she would refer me to pain management. It’s been a month and I still haven’t received a letter from pain management with a clinic date. I feel like she hasn’t even made the referral to be honest. I don’t know what to do now... do I contact the gynae secretary and ask if she has referred me or should I just go and see my gp?

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This is awful. I hate that they think endo is cured by those things. It's really not. I would definitely chase up as NHS generally is very slow in my experience of endo related issues. GP won't do anything if you're already in the hospital system. Sorry you're going through so much pain. I don't think anyone understands how debilitating endo really is. Medical studies are still ongoing and the medical professionals don't actually know anything because research is still being done to find out why our bodies do this. It really sucks but keep persistent and get the care you need.

Thank you. I’ll get in touch with the secretary tomorrow and see what she says xx

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