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So I wouldn’t normally post but as I am sat waiting to go into my ultrasound to have a look at the cysts growing on my ovaries, I’m freaking out a little.

I haven’t been diagnosed yet with endo but my gyno is 99% sure that it is endo. I’ve been struggling with all this since I was about 12/13. I’m now 22 this year. I’ve had chronic pain for years when I’ve been due for my monthly, to the point that I’ve not been able to walk.

I am so lucky to have my 3 year old son but I’m so worried what with my partner having very little mobility and me having Polycystic ovaries, pelvic inflammatory disease and potentially Endo, I’m worried that I’ll never be able to give him his own child (he’s my sons stepdad)

I think being sat here has made it all so real and I’m really, really sorry to ramble on but I’m seriously freaking out! I’m not even sure what the point of this post was, I just need to know that I’m not alone in the whole freaking out part.

Thank you!

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Hi Lilo96,

Hope your scan went ok today and if you weren't already aware we also run our helpline and our support groups if you ever need someone to talk to: endometriosis-uk.org/get-su...

Best Wishes,

M Mary

Volunteer Moderator


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