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Is it or isn’t it Endometriosis


My first time posting here and i am wondering if you could let me know of your experience on getting diagnosed.

Im not suitable for a lapy as i have inflammatory bowel disease (not ibs) as the risk of preforation is greater and because of my weight. I was diagnosed with PCOS years after not being able to shift weight and also i went from 18months of solid bleeding to 12 months of none at all. When i seen the gynaecologist they wanted to give me the leuprolien implant but this could affect my fertility but I wasn’t willing to have this without a definitive diagnosis. Is there anyone who didn’t have a laparoscopy for diagnosis?

My symptoms have definitely got worse since return of my cycle.. there is no consistency to when it will arrive, heavy periods, im floored with cramp.. days prior to ovulation and period arrival i have terrible cramp aswell, pain down my right leg which started only on my thigh bone but is now pelvis to ankle, extreme tiredness, vomiting and dizziness prior to period and after, bowels are terrible around this time but fine at every other point.

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I could be wrong but I think the only way to definitively diagnose endo is through the lap I’m afraid 😬 xxx


I was diagnosed via biopsies taken at flexi sigmoidoscopy, as the endo has penetrated through to the inner bowel mucosa, but it is unusual to be diagnosed in this way, as it is uncommon for the endo to penetrate all the layers of the bowel. As catness says, usually the only way to definitively diagnose it is through visualisation and histology via laparoscopy.


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