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Unsure whether I have the condition

I started my period when I was 10 and have had painful periods ever since (I am now 19). I have dull period pain during ovulation and just before my period. When I’m on my period I have excruciating pain to the point where I will be sick and need to be in bed. This occurs for the first two days. At first I put this down to just normal bad periods but now I’ve started to wonder whether it is endometriosis after reading about the symptoms. When I’m on my period I need to be at home with a hot water bottle and I feel exhausted on my period and days leading up to it. When I am on my period I can’t do normal things but I’m thinking because my pain isnt excruciating apart from my period will I have endometriosis. I have the period symptoms of endometriosis and the fatigue. I have a period that affects my everyday life. Due to being with a woman I am still a virgin so cannot say whether it hurts to have sex and whether I’ve had issues getting pregnant, but I don’t think the pain and issues I experience with my period are normal, like today I had to go home from work because I was sick six times due to being in so much pain. It would really help if someone would share their experiences with me. I’ve currently got a doctors appointment booked to hopefully get referred because I have been suffering for 9 years but I’m just concerned they won’t do anything. I’m also concerned I cannot have kids if I have it and that is what I think Is upsetting and worrying me the most

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Hey, I’m 19 too and have all the symptoms you have plus painful sex. I’m waiting for a lap but my gynae suspects endometriosis.

As for the kids part, don’t worry plenty of women are able to conceive naturally even though they have endo. Some just need a little help (ivf). I had this same worry until I decided I’m not keen on having children anyways.

Have you tried contraceptive pills for your pain? Or strong painkillers such as codeine or tramadol? The doctor will most likely just throw these at you first unless you have an understanding one.

It took a visit to an endo specialist at spire for my doctors to finally refer me for a lap


I feel you are wise to follow this up. As you started your periods early they should have sorted themselves out by now. As to the being sick, I often felt sick but because you have been sick many times it probably has become a reflex to be sick. Hormones can cause terrible highs and lows. At ovulation it is not unusual to feel discomfort, many have this that don't have Endo. When the pain put you to bed, there is flooding, long periods, extreme pain and exhaustion it has the markers of possible Endo or other problems.



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