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Relieved after over 12 years of suffering I have answers

Hi ladies

Don’t need advice just more of a relief that I had my lap yesterday after being cancelled last month and I’ve got endo, it’s been removed from my left ovary and they have released my bowel but sounds really weird but I’m over the moon.....not coz I’ve got endo but coz it wasn’t all in my head and I have answers.

If anyone else is just starting their journey or in the middle of it my advice would be to keep at it....you know your own body....I was told by one consultant that I don’t have endo & i should get pregnant but I didn’t give up, saw a different one and he’s been fantastic!



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yay! thanks for sharing your amazing inspiring story :) xx

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No problem! It can sometimes feel like a long and lonely battle when people don’t understand you. Endo girls are some of the strongest women out there! xx


Good on you for finally getting some answers. Wishing you a swift recovery. x

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