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Advice please ???

Hi ladies

I am writing this post as i have been having severe pains in stomach and pelvic area for the last year ive never really suffered with my monthlys untill after i had my little one 16 months ago now im very irregular. I have had a transvaginal scan and that did not show any problems and seen a gyne and am tender apon examination they are treating me for possible endometriosis (my mum suffered really bad with this before she sadly passed away from cancer 3 years ago) they offered me the mirena coil but i turnt this down due to my mum having so many problems with hers and i know a couple of other people that are also having problems with theres and it put me off so they are doing a trial of decapeptyl injections one a month for 3 months i had the first one yesterday what i would like advice on is how long after having your forst injection did you start to feel any side effects or relief from the pain as i am in more pain today then i have been before i see my consultant again on the 21st may to talk about next steps etc ?

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