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Waiting for lacrospy & current symptoms

HI everyone. New to this site. Thought I try and get some opinions off others who have been in a similar situation since the docs aren’t being the best of help. Both my doc and gynaecologist think I have enduituous & I’m having a lacsropy in about 8 weeks hope.

I am quite worried thught as sometimes my symptoms come on so quickly


Fatigue constant

Sharp stabbing pain in lower pelvic muscles & feels like by the cervix also

Lower back pain

Above are in combination with a pressure type feeling

Pain going the toliet (sometimes)

I feel very dizzy like I may pass out.

I have been having these on/off since end of jan and just wondering has anyone experience anything similar. I am currently on paracetamol and anti imflammatory meds as I feel quite bloated a lot too when I have the pain near the lower stomach area. Apologies for the detail. Looking for some help.


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This all sounds very familiar. Try Feminax Ultra... get this from behind the counter at the pharmacy....be sure to get the ultra version. If you get this on prescription (naproxen) you might need cosmocol too (don't bother with fybogel). Cut your diet back to something your body can handle... try gluten free or lactose free... less meat... see what works for you. Taking naproxen all the time for 12 plus months has ruined my digestion so I on a low fodmap diet now. I feel like all I can eat is rice and salad. Try 10,000% nra (high strength) vitamin D supplements to feel less tired... this made a big difference to me. Try gentle yoga to ease up the back pain... if you work in an office a stand up desk might help... I find sitting all day too gives me sore hips. I was also prescribed Lyrica at the same time as Naproxen... because I was taking both together I did not realise but eventually worked out the Lyrica was doing nothing for the pain... and gave me dizzy shakey feelings and brain fog. So Lyrica = waste of time, .. be wary!


My GP was slow off the mark and I feel like I have already paid the price for this but if you take naproxen long term they should be checking your blood every 3 months and px you omerprazole as a stomach protector.


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