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Looking for advice

so bit complicated but I have an appointment in few weeks with gynae, one of the things they are looking at is the possibitly of endometriosis. Really I’m just a after somr advice while I wait for it appt. so last year I started to get lots little niggley things happen was needing to wee 10 times a night pain furing sex, bleeding dull ache on right side constantly. Gp sent me for smear and std check just to tick them off the list. All fine. By septemebrr I wasn’t admittedr you hospital with suspected appendicitis as the right sided pain became ubearable when they’ve operated it turned out I had a a it of ‘free fluid ‘ from a burst ovarian cyst which hadn’t Been reabsorbed into body and had started to turn to infection. I recovered from op but by Nov started to get some symtoms back pain during sex, bleeding, so went back to gp had a scan which showed more cysts on the right ovary and thatnovary is enlarged they called me backfor follow up a week ago which showed fluid around the ovary again. On top of this since Xmas I’ve heen having normal periods ( I have impant fitted so haven’t been even having regular cycle for a while) but a week before I wake up each night with back ache and stomach ache and for a weeek after it finishes I get the same! Basically my question is do any of the things I’ve described sound familiar ? I know gp has takes about possibility of endometriosis but I’m confused becusee when they operated they had a good look round would They not have picked up on it? It’s all been going on for such a long time now and only recently been refered yo gynae , want some Answrs now! Not sleeping well as worried about what it is causing it! Sorry for long post any advice would be appreciated !!

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Hey. It's hard to say, Endo is hard to diagnose at the best of times and we can't give medical advice here.

I definitely had bladder issues back pain and dyspareunia like you and was diagnosed with a recto vaginal nodule.

One other thing to look into though if you have enlarged ovaries and fluid filled sacs is perhaps PCOS. They can co exist and quite a few ladies have both conditions.


Hi thanks for reply!

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