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Endo and fybro?

So iv been really sick for the past 3 years I previously left an abusive relationship of 7 years and now run my own charity helping women that have suffered DV so I’m always on the go.

I’m a single parent and also do community care evenings ... I love being busy but around 3 years ago I started feeling Ill everyday tired and dizzy feeling faint after a workout felt like I’d been hit by a bus after a night out and my Gp diagnosed me with depression/anxiety put me on anti depressants and propanalol said it was because I was graduating uni and doing my driving test.

It’s taken this long to get endo diagnosis after suffering with periods since I was 15 and now 29 diagnoses 3 weeks ago but I also get chest pains and other symptoms that I get checked out and nothings wrong with bloods etc but I have all symptoms of fibromyalgia my Gp won’t refer to see if I have it but will give me morphine at home?? Won’t let me see a nutritionist but will prescribe me more meds ? I’m so frustrated I’m not living like a 29 year old and I really feel down at the thought of living like like this the rest of my life I feel like I really need help now no one seems bothered has anyone else got fibro as well and is it possible to live a normal life having this condition I’m starting to loose hope 😔

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Sorry you’re having such a hard time. I would seek out a new GP. Ask for a referral to Rheumatologist (they can diagnose Fibromyalgia). I have it too so I know a bit about its symptoms: pain in all quadrants of the body (ie left & right and upper & lower) for more than 3 months, fatigue and general malaise (flu-like aches are common), different types of pain such as aching / burning / stabbing / tingling, and sensations of heaviness and stiffness, particular upon waking in the mornings.


Big big hugs. I've had a similar battle with chronic fatigue as they wrote it off as a side effect of my endo. However I still have it worse than ever after complete excision and have finally been referred to a specialist team. Just keep on pushing and mentioning it every time you go. Xx

One other thing to bear in mind is eliminating other causes that can cause the same symptoms eg lupus or systemic/functional pain.

The latter is something I found out when I went to see a pain specialist as I was wondering about the pain I get 7 months post op and starting to suspect fibro myself. Apparently chronic pain sufferers like those of us with endo can and do develop issues with the pain signalling system itself and develop what I think gets called functional or neuropathic pain, that is when there is no actual cause or injury but the pain signals get sent anyway like when someone loses a leg but feels pain in it still. The specialist likened it to a software fault rather than a hardware problem.

I've now been put on pregabalin for it and it does seem to be helping, so it might perhaps be worth considering that possibility.


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