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Working and endo

Morning hope you are all well.

Brief background i was diagnosed and treated for endometriosis last year and had a 6 month course of Zoladex now this has finished I am feeling unwell and just a shadow of myself. I have inadvertently lost my second job due to the how i feel the first let me go outside of probation because of high levels of sickness and I as I was outside of probation I was able to recoup a months wages. The second job I got in Feb last year 3 months before I was diagnosed i was dismissed on Friday due to absence and my tone and call handling not being good enough or as good as it was. Largely because i have spent the last 2 months in crippling pain 80% of the time and i haven't had a full nights sleep for months thanks to night sweats. I am severely anxious all of the time chest pains covered in eczema mood swings. I have never felt so out of touch with my body and mind i can't control my moods or how I feel and I usually just fell rubbish.

Family and friends have recommended i tske some time I focus on getting better. I have never not worked and I have always persevered somewhat to my own detriment. I know im not really in any fit state to look for a job I can rarely decide what I want to eat if anything let alone where to work but what do i Do?

I have been back and forth to the docs (Had my operation and diagnosis done privately to speed up wait times now having to wait for an nhs consultant) in the last months I have been seen by 3 gps that say oh its just the endo in response to anything I say. Can i receive help if the doctor signs me off? Can I be signed off from working? Any experience or info would be hugely appreciated.

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Hi, your story is pretty much the same as mine I was diagnosed in April last year but I am on my first injection of Zolodex.

In August I had to give up my full time job and found a part time one but by November I couldn’t manage anymore.

I have chest pains, Eczema and awful mood swings, not getting out of bed for days, really low in mood.

I have had no income since then, I private rent with my boyfriend and we are struggling.

I would also love to hear from anyone who has had help in regards to any form of sickness pay or disability pay? Or any advice what to do xx

Thank you for your post Ashleigh, I am laid here felling and thinking the same😞


Hi Emily. Hope your day has got a little better. I got out of bed but have quickly ended up back here.

The latest doctor I have seen has put me on a new 1 a day anti inflammatory pain killer, antidepressants and diazepam I explained my work situation and he said it was best to discuss it with my gp so i have an appointment on the 8th.

I really struggle with being honest about just how low I feel ok top of all the pain and other crappy things my body seems to do. Day to day is really tough at the moment I have never been in such an uncertain scary head space where I just feel like everything and everyone would be better off with out me and all of my problems.

We private rent also and I've had a look online but can't really work out if we can get any help. I am going to see the doc and then see citizens advice from there as I have not officially been signed off (as i was working i have always said no if the doctor has offered it) and was sacked I don't think i can even claim jobseekers allowance.

I will get in touch with you when i have found a bit more information. If you ever need to talk or just someone to listen pop me a message. xx


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