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More hopeful

Hi, thought I'd share a good news story as I realise that this quest for answers is often fraught with difficulty and it's hard to keep the faith. Had a marvellous appointment with my newish GP last night, I could have hugged her for listening so well and being so proactive (almost makes up for years of far duffer GP appointments!). Since seeing the gynaecologist, who felt the issues were likely all IBS, my symptoms have worsened and with a 41 day cycle as evidence that there is something more than my stomach at play, we now have a plan. More bloods to check hormones, better painkilkers, GP is going to push for my follow up with gynae and she wants me to push for prostap injections - the last line of the gynae's letter - that I didn't get a copy of- mentions he would consider this as a second option. She stated clearly she believed I needed to know for certain if it was or wasn't endo asap and apologised for feeling she hasn't helped me enough / as quick as I need - but I couldn't thank her enough. This is like a breath of fresh air after many appointments with others where I haven felt disregarded. It has given me the confidence to be prepared to go and fight for what I need at the gynae appointment. I've read on here of so many poor women not finding that level of support and planning that I wanted to share this to say - keep the faith, the right GP is out there and definitely keep on the mission to find one who will come on the mission with you. (Now less confused and frustrated!) X

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