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Support and experiences of women on Prostap

I have just had my first Prostap injection (lowest dose available) and will be taking daily Livial 2.5mg tablets. I think I have Endometriosis as I have period type pain most of the month, but up to recently its been bearable. I am actually receiving the prostap for incredible mood swings and fatigue that are hormone related. I have read many negative things about Prostap, and I just wondered what other experiences people had with it?

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I am on prostap with Livial also. My first 6 months of treatment were the beginning of last year. It took 5 months for my periods to return when the course was over. The horrendous pain returned in November. I was expecting the consultant to give me a hysterectomy but he said I could have another 6 months of prostap my first injection a week before Christmas. I am waiting for it to kick in which am hopeful it will - it takes about five weeks to work. The lividly really do handle the side effects really well. On the downside I did gain 2 stones in weight last time but have lost all that over the last couple of months through being in pain but I would gladly take those two stones back as a trade for the pain. Prostap did increase m6 appetite but I could definitely have made better food choices!

I think Prostap is amazing I have suffered no pain, no depression - it frees you from pain and gives you your life back.

Good luck



Thank you. So nice to hear a positive comment.



Ive just finished my injections , had 3 of them. Started working within 2 weeks. Don’t know how long it will take to get my period back.

The side effects were bearable; mood swings, hot flushes, nights sweats, but nothing too bad. On the plus side, I’ve lost weight without even trying.

The only thing I took to help me was primrose oil.

Hopefully it will work for you x


Wow that sounds great. Did you not take any add back HRT at all? I'm more worried about the side affects of the tibolone really than the Prostap. But I'm doing as I'm told by my gynae


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