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New to this!

Never written on here before Iv just read through lots and lots of your posts .. trying to relate and feel like I’m not the only one!

Diagnosed with endo 3 years ago now , I’m almost 26, when I first had my diagnosis I remember thinking oh it’s not going to be that bad, it’s just a pain I’m used to anyway ... il be fine... well 3 years on.. and I don’t feel so fine anymore :(

Over the past 6 months I feel like my body has just erupted and every possible symptom that you can have I started to experience all at once... feeling unbelievably down all the time, the pains, severe bloating, and generally just feeling unwell.

I hate to admit I’m struggling but I really am, I’m a strong person but in the last 6 months I feel like I have lost “me” and it’s a never ending tunnel that goes on and on with no way out .. any tips on how to get out of feeling like this and to get back to myself again? Sorry for the long post but it’s nice to write it all down! Thanks, Loren

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I’m sorry you are going through all of this. I too have only just been diagnosed but have only just dogs out after only two years of suffering and the weird thing is now I know what I believe I have I am just in pain all day every day. You are not the only one and reading all these ladies posts can be so heartbreaking. I myself have been trying to accept that I will always feel like absolute shit some days will be better than others and when I have those better days I must say yes I am sore and no it won’t go away but if I do not try and live the best I can and look after my mental health then what kind of life will I be prepared to have?. It’s so hard. U r always in pain and it brings u down u t so emotional


It is so horrible knowing there’s no escape from it all and it does get you down , I would love to just have some energy back! I work 9 hour days as a nanny so quite demanding and every night I come home and all I want to do is be in bed, feel like I’m just existing and getting through every day rather than living, so annoying isn’t it


Hi Loren.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this and feeling this way. I feel like I could’ve written this myself actually. Very similar situation in that my symptoms worsened significantly last year resulting in daily pain. As the year went on I became more and more depressed and anxious. Don’t even know who I am anymore, because I’m certainly not the person I was before.

The gym used to be my ‘therapy’ but now if I exercise too much it exacerbates my pain. I can’t vouch for it yet as my first session is tomorrow, but somebody recommended yoga to me for general well-being and self-care. I’ll give it some time and report back.

Feel free to message me anytime.

Helen xx


It’s such a horrible feeling that you’ve lost yourself just because of a condition isn’t it! I feel silly for being so down over it but I honestly can’t help it, it’s making normal life so difficult !

Thanks so much for the reply, yes definitely let me know how you get on with that, I do feel like I need some sort of release for all the built up tension but I’m the same as you in the way a lot of exercise makes the pain worse!

Look forward to hearing back on how it goes thanks x


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