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Experiences with decapeptyl

My doctor wants me to get a decapeptyl injection but I am really hesitant because of the severe side effects. I am going to hold off for a while anyway and see if things improve with the treatment I am on but I was wondering if anyone has had these injections before? If you had side effects from it and how effective it was as a treatment plan? Also if it's better to get one 3 month injection or three 1 month injections? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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For me these injections have been a godsend. Began them in September to give me a breather before more surgery in the future. Other than an initial bad period that lasted longer than normal I've had no real side effects. Taking HRT also and again no problems. Life without periods is just amazing! They usually start you on monthly injections until they know it suits you and then move to 3 monthly. Well worth trying it in my opinion. Good luck! Amy x

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Hi amy, thanks so much for the reply! Delighted they are working for You! I guess I'm just a bit concerned because of all the side effects and bad experiences I've heard people have had on them but I might give them a try if the pain doesn't settle. Thanks for the advice x


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