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No Endo found.. maybe tmi

Hi everyone. Thank you for the support with my nerves yesterday.

No Endo was found but the surgeon noticed my bowels were full and she doesn’t see this usually as it is a fasting operation. She has referred me back to the GP to be referred to a gastro specialist. So the wait starts again!

Relieved it’s not Endo but down that I have to start a new journey to get to the bottom of my pain. I did ask the surgeon why I only felt severe pain when passing stool and wind on my period if it is not gynae related. She said inflation of the womb during menstruation can put pressure on the bowels and cause pain.

Thanks for all the support and replies I have had

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That’s good news in a way I guess, at least they found something so you know it was worth it - plus you haven’t got endo ... yay! Hope you get the right treatment going forwards following their findings xx

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Hopefully they can find whats wrong and its easier to ease up than endo x


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