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Anyone else had a salpingopherectomy??

Hi ladies. I just had my right ovary and tube removed on Monday also removed adhesions that were sticking it down. Also had the left ovary free’d up.

This is 3 1/2 years after having severe stage 4 endo removed. It’s been a rough ride. No endo back this time just adhesions from the previous endo. I’ve been in so much pain for years now with forever problems with my bowel and bladder. Also looks like I may have IC. My pain has always been very right sided so that’s why I’ve just had this side removed to see if it helps my pain as it was all stuck down.

Just looking to see if anyone else has had a similar situation. What was your recovery time like and am I likely to suffer hormonaly in anyway? I know I won’t go into the menopause as still have the left side but didn’t know what to expect really.

Pain is horrendous at the minute but it’s only 2 days post op so I’m not surprised. I think I did under-estimate how I’d feel after though.

Also still waiting on a pelvic MRI to look closer at the nerves as the pain clinic wanted to check that incase this op doesn’t sort me out completely. It’s all never ending. I’d just like to feel well one day.xx

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