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Newbie to the group!

Hi all!

I’m new to this and the group. I’ve been suffering since I started my period, but was just diagnosed this past March. I’m still suffering and looking for other ways to help the pain. It’s so debilitating and so many of my family and friends don’t quite understand, so it’s nice to have something like this. If you have any tips, definitely let me know!


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Basics: At home; Ask for hot water bottles and packs for christmas. Plenty of Epsom salts for those nice long baths to untie and a spa whirly set. So you can have a whirl pool at home. I don't know how you relax at home, but try the usual candles, classical music, pets

GP: Depending on how informed your GP is, there are a variety of painkillers available.

Pain Consultant: Get a referral if else fails and get him to give a list so you can try out different ones and doses at home.

Alternative: Yoga, Accupuncture, gentle exercise. Distraction. Meditation. Pets. Lots of people seem to have some relief with a change in diet,. It may also be worth considering some food testing.

This is the basics. Everybody on here is extremely kind and patient and will fill in what I left out and more.

Unfortunately this is the time when you are trying to get your head round this condition and the rest of the family don't appear to either acknowledge or understand. The truth is, many people do not understand what this disease is and i'm talking about the science/medical feild. We don't know the cause or why and therefore we have no cure. So to try and translate that to the general public........It is very hard for them to understand and therefore it is hard for them to provide comfort and it makes them feel useless. Of course they are not going to say anything. Although difficult for you, you need to be patient with them. When it comes to your Endo, just concentrate on yourself to deal with this on your own or with maybe other kinds of support.

Take care.

Big hug.x


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Couldn't of said it any better! Just be kind to yourself and try and get medical referred to gyneagologist asap if not already to get correct treatment.

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