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Pain/discomfort on right side only

I have good days and bad days. But, on the bad days if feels like "something" on my right side. Sometimes it's to the right of my bellybutton (that's where it started), but now it's more around the right ovary area and wraps around to my back. One day it felt like I had been tased by a high voltage taser on my lower abdomen and it shot down into my thigh. That's the only time that happened. But it was shocking! I suspect I either have a large ovarian cyst, or endometriosis on my right side and perhaps cysts caused by the endometriosis? I'm not sure. I know that if I go to a doctor, I would likely accrue a lot of medical bills just to be told what I suspect. And I wouldn't opt for surgery/ hysterectomy, anyway. I'm 51 and very close to menopause. I've read that endometriosis usually goes away with menopause and cysts can likely shrink and go away. I'm hoping that's true. I've also had hypothyroidism for 20 years, so my hormones fluctuate a lot. Peri-menopause has been miserable!

Has anyone else had these or similar symptoms?

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I started menopause 5 years ago and I have no ovaries, cervix or womb yet I still have the same pain u describe but it’s confirmed endometriosis so it’s possible x


Oh my goodness, reading the first few lines of your message has brought me so much comfort (not that I wish any pain upon you of course!)

I've been having identical symptoms for the past 2 months, on the right side too, that I can only describe as something on my ovary area. Like yours, sometimes it's closer to my belly button and sometimes is as high up as just under my rib cage. Every time the pain spasms, I put my finger on where the pain is so that I can make a note of all the locations; it's so bizarre. It also feels like it's 'pulling' when I stretch or roll over in bed. I also have constant, dull pelvic pain.

I'm having an ultrasound tomorrow to look for cysts but if there's nothing there, then I'm putting it down to my endo returning (1.5 years since first lap).

I hope you get to the bottom of your symptoms x

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Hi I also get this. For months! They told me they wasn’t sure why for ages I had ultrasound no cysts showed up but then I got my mri results and I have a cyst on my ovary. They will be removing it in my next operation. I read that it can also my a symptom of having endo on your bowel.

I am due to have an op at end of November. I have just started writing a blog if you would like to follow it u can see my posts for after my op and I can let u know if they find anything other than a cyst on my right side of this helps.


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