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I have a good gynaecologist

I had my lap on Tuesday, luckily I have a endometriosis centre 10 mins from my house at the local hospital, she will be doing my next lap at the BCGE endometriosis with a urologist on stand by as it’s my bladder. Feeling rather chuffed that I have such an organised gyne and I’m having the work done at BCGE centre

Anyone else gone to one?

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I've had 2 surgeries at the big centre in London.


That's fantastic news love to hear stories like this xx


Yes, im under BSGE and like you fortunate to have one fairly local. Ive been under a BSGE hospital now for 18 months. Had my surgery coming up 12 months ago. I do always see the consultant, although last time i started off with one of his jnrs who made out i just had a little cyst? I have stage 4 deep infiltrating of both ovaries/fallopians (had one removed) bowel and bladder! You, like me, will probably remain under their care. I go every 4 months for a follow-up! My next one is due January. Xx


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