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Prostrap3 and livial

Hi Ladies I've had endo for approx 20 years had major open 11years which they first thought was ovarian cancer it turned out to be a chocolate cyst on my left ovary which was huge and removed along with my left ovary and tube (I went one to have another child) things had been fine for until October last year. Periods being very irregular bleeding at one point for 16 days! Then went to a Dr appointment which found a cyst on right ovary. Sent to a hospital appointment waiting on scan of stomach again and have been put on prostrap 3 and livial for 6 months. Just wondering how anyone else is coping on this? I only had first injection Monday and have had terrible headaches since. Thank you

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Hi i had 1 injection of prostap which lasted nearly 7 months it caused severe hot sweats and night sweats so i wasn't sleeping. I had 1 course of hrt which gave me really bad headaches and tender breast. I went to dr and they changed the hrt and with that one i bled for 14 days so i came off that aswell. I just had to put up with the side effects. Dr prescribed me amitriptyline to help me sleep a bit as i was becoming very grouchy. I had my injection in april my hysterectomy in july and the hot sweats have only just ceased.

Might be worth you asking to change the hrt. It doesn't agree with everyone.

All i can say is I'm dreading the menopause for real starting as I've had a sample and really couldn't cope.

Hope you are ok with a different tablet and you don't suffer like i did.

Good luck🤞

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Hi Lallya, sorry to hear you had such bad experience. I had first injection 4 days ago an haven't even got my hrt off dr yet (lost paperwork!) So iam really hoping it works. I got my letter for scan so hopefully that will be able to tell us how things are going in there. Just so fed up of hormone swings need to feel happy again

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