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Please help!

Hi everyone, I am a 19 year older girl and was diagnosed with endometriosis a year ago now. I have had 6 different gynaecologists in that time. Who have all in my opinion left me in the dark.

When I was diagnosed I had an operation to try and help reduce the biggest cyst.

I was then put onto the depo which I had a bad reaction to and ended in me bleeding for 120 odd days straight.

I then went to another gynaecologists who had put me on prostab 3 which put me into menopause for 3 months I was then left in the middle of that and was referred to another Gyne due to him retiring.

Please not that all of the above gynaecologists have said I have endometriosis.

I went to my new gynaecologist last week who has tried to tell me it’s not endo but polycystic ovaries. And that from the original operation my left ovary is now attached to my pelvis.

I am so lost and am asking for any advice I am based in London and am looking for a gynaecologist to really help me out because frankly I’m starting to give up.

Please if anyone has any experiences or situations please help!

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Hello, i am sorry to hear of your problematic journey. How good is ur gp and do you still have tbe same symptoms?

If so you can ask your gp to refer you to a bsge centre,there are several in London. NICE have recently issued some new guidelines on endo, may be worth taking this with you.

In simple terms, if you have been treated for endo and it hasnt worked you can ger referred to a bsge centre to begter help. I wish you luck and hope this will help you on your journey.

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Hi there thank you for your reply I have seen what was meant to be one of the best gynaecologists in London who is near Harley street and he is the one who has said it’s polycystic ovaries.

I am looking for another gyne. Hopefully find something worth it soon


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