Full hysterectomy 16 days po

Hi I am 16 days po and have had everything removed including both ovaries. I am 33 years old. I have started today with shoulder pain and it's sharp when I breath ìn or sniffle as I have a bit of a cold. Just wondering if this could still be trapped air or is it something else as having a dvt scares me as I am also a smoker. Would be great if someone has any answers please. Many thanks

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First of all I'm so sorry you've had this major op at 33 big hugs hun 💗🤗

Iv definitely read that shoulder tip pain has something to do with our areas down there referred pain I think it is. It's probably your body healing and your feeling the referred pain in your shoulder. I get shoulder tip pain all the time when I get pain down there. I haven't had a hysterectomy but have had surgery and felt it both times mainly after my c section. I don't think it's anything to worry about but I'm not a Dr and if it gets to you too much then contact your gp I'm sure they'll put you mind at rest. Hope your healing goes well 💗🤗😘

it could be gas pain but please call the hospital (they should have given you a number) and get checked out. Go to A&E if you need to. I had this surgery back in march and went back to hospital twice in the first couple of weeks - it is major surgery and it is vital you get any worries dealt with. X.

Listen to joreilly she's been through it 💗🤗😘

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