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endometriosis & the pill

Hiya, I'm 42 and 95% sure i have endometriosis.

My sister was confirmed with it after having an operation to remove lump & my mother who left me when i was very young. I've heard had all her insides removed.

It all makes so much sense reading about it and feel very sad as never got pregnant and struggled all my life and pretty much kept on the pill all my life as made things endurable and so could I could work

But now my doctors are saying i cannot stay on the pill and as I thought i should come off it for a break. Have found my endometriosis causes me to be in bed for four days in a month with so much pain and the loss of at least two pints of blood

My question is , am I putting my-self in danger coming off the pill with so much pain and blood. And would going back on the pill be better for my health than being off it.

I'm just about to go to see endometriosis consultants but scarred its just going to takes ages to be looked at and get advice. And in that time i'm causing issues to my body being off the pill and imagining all the blood and skin floatig around inside my body causing problems

Should i go back on the pull to be safe?


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I am also 42 and I avoided the pill and any hormone treatment for most of my life until recently. I ended up with four operations and numerous endometriomas, as well as adenomyosis, endo deposits on my urethra and on my diaphragm. I too haven't been able to have children. I think that all the above might not have been so severe if I had been on some form of hormone treatment. However, for most of the past year I have been on the progestogen only mini pill and although it reduced my painful periods and flow, I still had some spotting. I also started getting muscle pains and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (not sure if it's related but seems a coincidence) and felt very down. I asked a private consultant if I could be put on a bio-identical progesterone tablet called Utrogestan which I have taken for the last month. My mood has improved and again it has reduced my periods but still get spotting. My fibromyalgia is still here but I think it may be better for my body in terms of side effects and risks, although I may be wrong. It is a case of watch this space. It may be better to change your hormone treatment to something less synthetic as I did or gradually reducing the dose rather than suddenly stopping it but I am not a doctor and I can also see why they want you to have a break from it (taking the pill for a long period of time carries some health risks). I would weigh up the pros and cons as well as research your options, some women find the mirena coil helps relieve their symptoms too. It depends on the person, what works for one person ,doesn't for someone else, only way to know is to try it. Hope this helpsx

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thankyou yes maybe try the coil


Hi, I can't comment on whether it is better to have a break from the pill in terms of whether it will make the endo worse as my story us before I was diagnosed officially with endo. My comment is regarding the need to have a break. I was on the combined pill since the age of 14 when my periods were erratic, had heavy bleeding and really bad pain. I stayed on it ( various different brands) until I was 30 and then my doctor said I needed a break. I told her ok, I had a break for 1 month saw a proper period and it came back immediately, with all the pain symptoms included, so there was no doubt it was a real period! Brcause i couldn't cope i asked to go back on it after just one month. My doctor said it was fine. I think they insist on the break to ensure the pill hasn't caused any lasting problems or damage. But once you can show you have had a normal period ( I. E. That your body has returned to normal without added hormones) there is no reason to stay off the pill any longer. I would discuss your concerns with the doctor and agree how much of a break she wants you to have, given your symptoms and your concerns about the endo. The doctor maybe of the same opinion and then possibly after 1 month/1 period you can go back on it if you are still happiest doing so. Take care and good luck x


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