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Endo Diagnosis


I have been diagnosed with Endo this morning, the Doctor was lovely and wanted to help me immediately by giving me the mini pill and Mefanimc Acid for the pain. She told me I could go back any time to discuss it if I would like.

She also said she wouldn't want to put me through the pain of having the laparoscopy as they would only confirm what she already knows. However since I have been doing some research into it and thinking more about it, how do I know how bad it is? I did have an ultrasound scan on Friday which showed no cysts, but I have a lot of pain in my bowels which I thought might be because the womb lining has attached to there.

Does anyone recommend having the laparoscopy to see where it is and how bad it is? Or should I just forget about it? My concern is for when I want children as I am 24 years old and am worried I won't be able too.

Thank you

Sophie x

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Endometriosis can be suspected based on your symptoms, but it can only be officially diagnosed by sight- via laparoscopic surgery. Surgery is a big deal, of course, and shouldn't be taken lightly. But you will never know what is truly going on without your doctor seeing it with their own eyes.

I had no symptoms, but I was experiencing infertility. We had no idea that endo was the cause, but I opted for laparoscopic surgery to explore why I was infertile. My Fallopian tubes were covered, bent and buckled. My eggs could not pass through, and no sperm could travel up to fertilise my eggs. My uterus was fully stuck to the front wall of my abdomen. We were all shocked by the findings and diagnosis, my doctor included. Without the surgery, I would have been infertile forever because it never would have corrected with meds etc.

In my case, and in a lot of womens cases, having the surgery and getting an official sighting and diagnosis is extremely important and healing emotionally. You need to decide for yourself if this is a road you take, or if you're okay not knowing all the details entirely.


Thank you.

Did you have an ultrasound scan internally before the surgery? Wondering if that would have picked anything up as mine has come back fine.

Hope you are okay x


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