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A worried 17 year old boyfriend

My girlfriend has been having very painful periods over the past few years and all of the doctors have narrowed down the reasoning to one; Endometriosis. We are both very young at age 17 and want a sexual relationship, we don't want the possible sideaffects to affect us sexually, (sidenote; we are both virgins and want to have sex soon), we are scared to have sex as we don't want the possibility of pain to occur, she is worried she won't be able to have sex from such a young age and doesn't want to hold me back sexually either, I am just asking any of you for help with what to do, how to support her, and some of your experiences with sex whilst having endometriosis so we know if sex is a possibility or not. We love each other and don't want painful sex to affect our relationship

Thanks all!

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Hiya. What a thoughtful thing to do. Firstly try not to get too anxious. Not all women get painful sex and those that do not all have it all the time. Honesty and openness will get you a long way. If it does become a problem there are some ideas here to try.


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Thank you so much, really appreciated

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Well done for getting involved and opening up to asking questions!! Fantastic first step 👍🏼 I would also advise your girlfriend to join this forum for help and advice on endometriosis in general. There's a lot of women really experienced in endo in here (unfortunately) and they can offer advice and support reference doctors etc as well.

But, I have stage 4 endometriosis and in terms of sex sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's only painful after, sometimes it's absolutely fine. So you can but try I guess? Good luck xx

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