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hi guys!!

Hi guys! well a week on, from last week! As ive said before ive a scan on the 9th Aug. (ive pcos). But which now they think endo also. Been told scan wont show so awaiting gynae appointment also. - Each month leading up to my period and during and then after i suffer awfully, extreme tiredness, nausea, vomiting, pain, heavy bleeding. Im on microgynon and have tried all sorts of contraception through my life nothing agrees with me. When im due my period i stop my pill for the 7 days. but it takes my period 5/6 days to arrive meaning the next day i restart my pill and i still have the horrible period for days. Ive been prescribed ages ago mefanaemic and transaemic to deal with the pain/bleed - as it doesnt work for me i rarely take it. But last friday morning i did. worst case scenario. within 30 mins i had my first ever anaphylaxis shock and was admitted to hospital

they cant say for definite yet what caused this but this is the only thing i had that morning. im awaiting an allergy clinic. it was terrifying.

when i press in my lower tummy i can feel like small little lumps also. my bowels arent the best. and i get a pain down my left leg and left part of vagina? also on my period i would bleed from my bottom.

im just wondering has any one else had these endo symptoms. thanks

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Yes I bleed from bottom as well when I am on my cycle, from what I have read that's a normal symptom


thank u ❤️


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