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Life after Progestin- marriage in jeopardy

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with endometriosis 11 years ago, and started on a progestin medication. Controlled the symptoms well, and helped a great deal. During my time on this medication I started dating, then got married.

I stopped my progestin last month, and now I feel like a different person.

I want to start over. It feels like I've been settling. Dead-end job, irresponsible husband who can't keep promises. My ambition and sense of adventure has come alive in a way I haven't felt since before the progestin.

My question to you all, is are there others who have gone through this? Is this a common reaction to stopping progestin? Should I wait, and not make any rash decisions at this time?

I'd really love to hear from people who have stopped progestins, and what they felt at that time.

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Progesterone treatment does not seem to agree with me at all, I've always felt better when I've come off it. I don't feel like 'me' on it, I'm down, tearful, angry and just don't enjoy life at all. Progesterone treatments and me have never got on so I can imagine how you're feeling having come of it after so long xxx

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Did you stay the same from the first month off, or did it balance out at a later time? I'm trying to figure out if how I'm feeling now is temporary. I'd really appreciate knowing that, or if you're comfortable sharing how it affected your relationships.


I stayed the same after coming off it, felt like me again. It really doesn't agree with me and I'd avoid progesterone treatments in future for that reason. I wasn't good on them at all xxx


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