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Query endometriosis

So, basically,

I get severe lower back pain throughout most periods. So much so that I carry a wheat bag around tucked in my jeans (I get so many odd looks but it's so helpful I don't care 😂) I also find that my bowel and bloating issues increase during AF times.

My mother suffered with endo which ended with a hysterectomy a few years ago. She always mentions that I have symptoms similar to her.

The cramps I get can be both sides or one side at a time. I have irregular bleeding, always have. Periods might happen anywhere between 4-48 days apart. The other month I had 3 periods. It wasn't fun.

The big question I have though is, I don't bleed heavy. In fact, I bleed shockingly light sometimes from 3-8/9 days. I often now, pretty much only bleed when I'm on the toilet to urinate, like it has to be forced out? The blood is really thick however I've not come across many clots. And if I have they haven't been anything worth worrying about (tiny).

I know I should go to my doctors. But I don't like looking stupid, I feel very judged by my GPs and try to avoid them where I can.

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I was told the other day I have superficial endometriosis on my bowels, and my period in my opinion are normal, I have no heavy bleeding and no sever cramps, nothing compared to the other ladies who have Endo! I did actually wonder if it wasn't Endo that I had for pure fact that my periods are 'okay' but MRI confirmed I have superficial endometriosis on the bowel.... I've also told my mum about what's going on and as far as I'm aware her and my Nan have never suffered with endometriosis... hugs to you! X


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