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5 long years I have a answer 🙏🏻

And I have 'superficial endometriosis' on my bowel... like how has that even happened? I've had constant deep pain during sex for nearly 6 years!

Had anyone else had this? Can someone give me some insight and hope? I haven't re met with my consultant yet I phoned up and got my results as I was told the reports had been done... if anyone has had it what was the outcome? I had a MRI 2 weeks ago which confirmed this x

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Anybody? X



It can be a shock discovery and a bit of a trauma when you get diagnosed x .

I went to the GP suspecting a kidney infection, she found a lump. It is a endo nodule attaching my bowel to my cervix. I have always had pain with sex for 20 odd years and suffer severe fatigue. It is possible to be asymptomatic with deep recto vaginal endo.

I had a Ultrasound, MRI then a diagnostic lap in Dec last year which treated a smalle ovary cyst , and had a sigmoidoscopy in Jan which the inside of my bowel was all clear . I have tried a coil which worked a treat and stopped my periods but sadly I found internally uncomfortable. I didn't get on with GnrHs (Zoladex) I am due to see my consultant again in 2 weeks and am exploring excisiom surgery or other progesterones. I believe I am a bit unlucky with both treatments not working, my body just doesn't seem to tolerate things well.

A good place to start to get your head around things treatment wise I found is endometriosis.org/treatments/ and of course endo UK charity website.

There is lots of support here. x


It's a lot to process when you first get diagnosed. Hopefully you can now start to work towards some treatment that is going to help reduce your pain. I have bowel endo that was diagnosed by laparoscopy last Nov and i also have it throughout my pelvic cavity. I had some removed through surgery and since then i've been on decapeptyl which helped with the pain but I hated the side effects and I wouldn't go back on it. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be one perfect treatment option but surgery or drugs are standard. Are you being seen by a specialist endometriosis centre? I think it's important that you are.


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