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New to the UK: Need to find a non-Lupron pushing Endo & Fibroid Specialist

Hello! I moved to the UK in October for graduate school at Oxford. I started to feel a lot more pain about three months ago and had ultra sounds, which found 5 new fibroids over 2.5.

I had laparoscopic surgery 2 years ago to remove many fibroids and clean up my endometriosis; however, it's back. I've had some problems before with specialists who push Lupron (I can't take it for a variety of underlying health conditions) and now I'm looking for a good surgeon who can do the excision surgery again without relying on Lupron. Do any of you have any recommendations, especially if they are around the Oxford/London area?

For context, my husband and I want to try for a child soon.

Thank you!


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Are you looking for NHS or private healthcare?


NHS. Don't have the money for private healthcare unfortunately. I'm covered by my University through the NHS


OK I will message you as we aren't allowed to discuss consultants on the forum


Lapron a dangerous med / drug I'd never recommend it - the doctors need to stop masking it and get inside to remove it entirely


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