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To treat or not treat endometriosis - contraceptive pill

Hello everyone

I've just been diagnosed with endometriosis following a laparoscopy two weeks ago. It wasn't a shock as I'd been advised by my consultant it was highly likely I had the condition following pelvic scans over the last year.

I have been told that I should go on the pill for 6 months to stop my periods. Whilst I don't actually experience any physical symptoms with endometriosis (bar painful periods which I've always had) the pill is to presumably stop bleeding outside the womb which is causing scar tissue (my laparoscopy was to drain an ovarian cyst and I also had a polyp removed from my womb - both I imagine caused by endometriosis).

Ordinarily, I wouldn't be so concerned about going on the pill. The issue is at age 38 I am reluctant to take contraception as I realise fertility is a ticking time bomb. I have never been on the pill but have read online that it takes some people up to 6 months or so to start ovulating once they've stopped taking the pill, which is a real concern to me. On the other hand, I understand that if I DON'T take the pill and continue to have periods my endometriosis could cause me issues too which could affect fertility. It's a real catch 22.

What would others advise? I'm new to all this so haven't read up in depth about endometriosis (that's my next step) but I'd love to hear about anyone in a similar situation/dilemma to me.


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Hi Anna,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with suspected endometriosis in October, however I had pelvic pain and symptoms like interstitial cystitis for quite a long while beforehand, so with me it brought quite a bit of relief. I had a laporoscapy and removal of endo 10 days ago.

I can see your dilemma. When October rolled around, to be frank, I was relieved to take the pill and prescriptions for pain relief, because I was glad to put a name to those symptoms.

However, I debated a lot about the pill I was prescribed, because my symptoms around my period were worsening and I couldn't tell if beginning that pill had made them worse. I had breakthrough bleeding on the pill in the no bleed days and I thought the estrogen was giving me flu like symptoms. I had taken the combined pill prescribed for acne on and off before, but hadn't noticed too many side effects or change in my periods.

A lot of people on here suggested the POP who had difficulty with symptoms and so I changed to it and would say I noticed an improvement. You might not find that though and as I was earlier, be fine with estrogen.

I found that when I started the pill prescribed in October, I missed some of the natural highs and lows of my natural hormonal spikes too.

I think hormones change so your solution to get the periods stopped will change and you have to allow your body to guide you. There's a brill documentary called Endo What and I think it does a really good job of explaining how your hormones are linked to changes in symptoms. It gives a really good step by step to all the hormone solutions to stop periods and R&R, natural solutions too.

Hope this is helpful!


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