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Endo and hysterectomy

Hi peeps

Feing very confused today, been for my 6th Injection today and also saw consultant which shouldn't have been till next time.

Anyway, last appointment they suggested that it's best that I have a fully hysterectomy done due to all my issues and because the prostap i jection has worked very well for me.

Today I go and firstly the consultant didn't realised I have kids already when she said I think ur a bit young for us to consider u for a hysterectomy, so said I actually have 3 kids and she said oh right thought u didn't have any and then she says I'm going to refer u to the endometriosis clinic to be seen and discuss the nor results.

But what confuses me is why say one thing and then do the complete opposite.

So now I have an appointment which should be the day I get my 7th injection and be put on the list for surgery but now i. Don't know if they even want me to have this appointment now as they say they want me to go to the endo clinic.

Can anyone help and try to explain to me why they have now over a sudden decided this?

I want the hysterectomy in order to live a normal life for once and enjoy my kids instead of constantly bleeding and being in pain cause that is how I was before being on prostap x

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A hysterectomy won't necessarily rid you of pain. Of course it will help bleeding and if your pain is adenomyosis - when endo has affected the muscle of the uterus then it will help pain. But if pain endo outside of uterus it won't help. All your endo must robe excised at the same time as your hysterectomy and you ideally this should be done by endo clinic which is no doubt why they've referred you on.

Everything you mention is treatment for endo or adenomyosis so they are just trying to help. I'd go see the endo clinic and see what they say. They'll need to know how the pros tap has been for you and what other things you tried before coming up with a plan on how best to treat you which may or may not include a hysterectomy.


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