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Should I revisit doctor to check for Endo

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on Endo and whether it would be right to go back to my doctor.

I'm 18 years old recently I've been diagnosed with PCOS after having heavy painful periods (remember walking home from my first day at uni thinking I was going to collapse) for a number years which I didn't go to a doctor about until they suddenly stopped and didn't occur for around 4-5 months. Gyno suggested an ultrasound exam which discovered PCOS and I've been put on the pill to regulate. Periods have since returned

I want advice however as I'm always getting a combination of sharp pelvic pain in my lower abdomen, back pain and a lot of stomach discomfort/cramping. Also I've often experienced constipation pain when passing bowel movements and during sex I'm in often agony. Not only this I've been getting headaches tiredness and feeling as if I'm not really concentrating but this could be due to something else. Reading up on Endo and others experiences I'm considering whether or not to go for a second opinion?


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Def ask for a second opinion. My first dr dismissed endo. I moved surgeries and the dr straight thought I had endo as I had diary entries listing the pain and where. She referred me to have a laproscopy and endo was found. I had ultrasounds etc and the endo didn't show, it was only through the lap that they found it. Good luck x

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Thanks for responding! Will definitely go for a second opinion by the sound of things it is worth going to check!

Thanks x

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