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I'm new here - suspected endometriosis!


New here and my first post. Been reading lots on here and am grateful for this website!

My period is currently 10 days late which is abnormal for me. I'm usually bang on my due date, if not one day early/late. I've been experiencing spotting/brown discharge between periods for the last few months, and also 2 periods in a month so this feels like a 180. Has anyone else experienced this fluctuation?

I'm also really struggling with exercise at the moment. I got back into running last year and somehow was able to train for a half marathon through the pain. I haven't run properly since December due to nausea, worsening pain and tiredness. It's extremely frustrating as you probably know! I love yoga but struggle with the motivation and energy. Does anyone have any advice for exercise?

Thank you xx

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I was/am in your position love the gym & yoga but been really lethargic eventually saw gp about it and increasing pain waking me at night already knew I had stage 4 endo gp referred me for scan then gynae appoint urgent as I have suspected endometrioma on ovary. Now had MRI get results soon. I also had all the spotting & erratic periods I usually only manage a week without any sign of bleeding. You need to see Gp & explain what's going on.

Good luck x


Thanks for your reply. Sorry you're experiencing all of this and hope you're receiving good care. Have been back and fore the GP for the last 8 months or so and have finally been referred to Gynae. This is my first time being so late with a period and feels strange! It's reassuring to know other people experience the same/similar. Best of luck with your results and any follow-up x


It happen to me and they find out I was 3 months pregnant


Although that must have been a shock, congratulations!! I'm pretty sure that isn't the case for me (not possible!), and this has been going on for almost a year now unfortunately.


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