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New here - do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?

Hi there,

I would really appreciate any thoughts on whether the symptoms I am experiencing might be endometriosis. I suffer from intermittent (but there most of the time) very low, dragging pelvic pain - both vaginal and rectal (sometimes one or the other or commonly both together). The pain is a strong ache and feels very much like the cramps I have always had with period pain (except I never had the rectal pain). Standing and sitting are very painful, but lying down seems to alleviate it and it doesn't bother me at night (unlike period pain). The pain radiates to the lower back also. This has been going on for about a year and a half on and off, but has gradually become worse and harder to live with.

I also have very heavy periods with pain and clotting. Periods are irregular. I also have extreme breast tenderness for 7 days pre-period, migraine headache and generally feel rubbish. I know I have oestrogen dominance and last summer had surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst. I am 43 and have two children - no problems conceiving and normal pregnancies.

Investigations I have had include a Gynae exam to check cervix and any sign of prolapase (none), trans-vaginal ultrasound (all normal, just a thickened uterine lining on the limit of normal); GP exam of rectal area (normal); specialist physio to check pelvic floor (pretty normal considering 2 kids!). GP doesn't know what to do next - has suggested the pill but I'm not keen. Gynae (who I saw privately) said the next step would be to check for endometriosis with a laparoscopy, but that my symptoms do not seem to be typical of endo in that they come and go during the month. Sometimes it seems they are not linked to cycle at all - other times they are - ie. def worse around ovulation and struggling really badly at the moment - a few days before my period.

Whilst I am really keen to get to the bottom of this, I also don't want to have an unnecessary laparoscopy if the Gynae thinks this is not likely to be Endo. I'd love some thoughts from those who have some experience of the symptoms! Feel at a dead end right now and in a lot of pain....

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Sorry I don't have advice but wanted to let you know I feel exactly the same way. My main symptom is severe lower back pain with some pelvic pain too. I used to think it was related to my cycle as I only got it before my period and during ovulation but now it's every day. I get heavy very painful periods but they are regular. I also have very painful breasts and have had a number of breast cysts, I know this is common with endo. I have been back and forth to the doctors for 18 months and my doctor has agreed it could be endometriosis and gave me cerazette to try. I think this helped slightly but I had bleeding everyday and felt depressed so stopped it. 1 year ago I was convinced I had endo but now I'm not so sure. I get stressed over the slightest thing and I feel I am in a vicious cycle of pain/stress. I don't want to put myself through a laparoscopy if all this is caused by stress rather than endo. I try to relax and I do Pilates regularly to try and help with the back pain but nothing seems to help.


Hey lovely.

I was diagnosed with endo around a month ago. Quite a few of my symptoms sound like yours. I was told by one consultant I saw that I couldn't have endo as my pain didn't take place the day before my period so she was very wrong. Endo affects each woman different so don't completely dismiss it.

I can completely understand not knowing whether it's worth having an operation for something you might not have. It does seem drastic but if it's affecting your every day life you deserve answers. Even if they don't find endo it will be something to cross off the list of what could be the root of the pain

Good luck and take care :) hope you get some answers xx


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