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um my 24 year old daughter just had surgery for endo ,she was meant to be in for day surgery ,she came out of surgery with horrific pain under her ribs and shoulders ,she wasn't allowed to go home ,now after 2 days in hospital she has been told as she could not pee her bladder held 1800ml which is way over the limit of 1000ml ,she has had a catheter inserted which was horrific for her and me as a mum and has been told her bladder has been stretched and she may now have to insert catheters herself my daughter has had no explanation of why how or if this has happened in surgery ,she is terrified and still in extreme pain at this minute.Has anyone else had this experience or something similar I'm stressing out

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Very sorry to hear you and she are in such distress. The pain in the ribs is a normal effect if the co2 they use to inflate organs to see where the endo is.. drink lots of peppermint tea and use peppermint massage oil and move around a lot. It should dissipate over 3 to 5 days.

You are unlucky to have needed a catheter but it is not uncommon after a lap, sometimes the bladder shuts down for a bit. i am surprised it took them that long to decide to insert one though. I almost had to have one but it was considered in the same night within 24 hours after my op when i was kept in as i was very ill with the morphine and GA I'd been given and had woken up in agony. It turned out i had extreme dehydration not a bladder leak so escaped.

Hope this helps a little x


I had a catheter after my lap in Nov as I was retaining urine. It was very unpleasant but my bladder soon sorted itself out and since the catheter was removed i have had no further problems. im surprised they let her go that long without draining her bladder. I had my bladder drained a couple times before they decided I would need a catheter for a week to let my bladder fix itself. She may need a catheter for a week or two but the body is remarkable and will in most likelihood heal itself if given a chance. Try not to worry, it sounds like your daughter has you for support which is fantastic. Hope she feels better soon.


Hi, this happened to me and five years on my bladder still doesn't work and am still catheterising. This is mainly down to terrible management of it at the time. My best advice is see a specialist ASAP and make sure it is managed properly. I have been told that had this been managed better and the bladder have been allowed to rest I would have better use of it now. It is devasting at the time and a lot to take in, but it will be ok. Many people do regain the use of their bladder if managed correctly. I wish you the best of luck and hope she receives the right care and guidance to get this sorted.


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