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No one knows what's wrong with me


Hi I am a 16 year old GCSE/Alevel student and it all started 3/4 years ago. I was bedwetting at night, nearly every day. Me being the naive kid I am I thought it wad just me having a really heavy sleep and not waking up to go to the toilet. About a year ago I started having continuous lower abdomen pain, migrane( only right side of my head/back of eyes), tiredness and I would sometimes just cry. I have been put on Gedarel pill for 4 months and then turned to Cerelle since the Gedarel only worsened my headaches. Three years ago I have been put on a pill called "Jenny" by my doctor in Berlin because I had an imbalance in my hormones where the "male hormones" were abnormally over the top, associated with lots of hair growth everywhere and either no periods at all or heavy painful ones ( i am german and only moved to the uk 2 yrs and 9 months ago). in the past couple months I had 2 ultrasounds and they were clear of cysts and anything apart from a 6mm angiomyolipoma on my left kidney. I have been told by a family friend that it could be endometriosis. Sorry it's so long but i need help the doctors are really slow and don't understand me. Thanks

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Endometriosis means high estrogen hormones, not male hormones, it sounds like PCOS to me, which causes high androgens, testosterone and hair growth.

PCOS can cause pre-diabetes and can effect your kidneys so that might explain the cysts.

Kidney cysts are a condition themselves, can you ask to be refered to a urologist?

Lastly bedwetting in terms with migraines could be related to a a psychological aspect, for example some child cause victims start wetting the bed as adults. Which in that case you should see a psychiatrist about PTSD if anything happened.

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Thanks a lot for the amswer !! But how would I be diagnosed with it? Can my GP diagnose me or do I need to wait to see a gynaecologist

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Yes you're gp can diagnose you with all the conditions except endometriosis but you don't sound like you have it, since you have had a cyst on your kidney ask to see a urologist, gynaecologist don't work on kidneys or the urinary track.

A gyno would manage your PCOS, it can be diagnosed with ultrasound and bloodwork if you have it.

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