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Private appointment query

Hi ladies!

I've had endo symptoms for 10 years now and was referred to the hospital a few years back and they did a scan and said there wasn't anything wrong...been back and fore my GP since and she said unless I have a laparoscopy then they can't rule out endo so I'm waiting for another appointment for the hospital now and I'm just really fed up as it's effecting me so bad. If I were to pay to have an initial consultation with an endo specialist centre does anyone know whether I'd have to pay for further treatment or could they send the details to my NHS consultant? I can afford the consultation but not any further tests or treatment etc.

Thanks in advance


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Hi, you can go back to NHS whenever you want. Just speak to your gp


You can have a private consultation with an BSGE endo consultant and then ask to be put on their NHS list for treatment.


Thanks for your help! Just feel I'm at my wits end and my only option is to go private :(


Hi. I had was in a similar situation i paid for an initial consultation and although it has broken us financially paid for the surgery. I do work for the nhs though and i asked my consultants about this. My understanding is that you woukd have to see a specialist at the specific hospital you want treatment at, if they do private work and when treatment discussed ie laparoscopy ask to be transferred to nhs. I asked this question and dr said he could do this but would have to be seen again in nhs clinic, however, my parents paid for me to see surgeon years ago and i was transferred nhs straight away. Maybe call the endo centre to see which consultants do private and where. Their secretaries should have this info. Best of luck


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