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Endometriosis in the bowel


Hi everyone!

I've only come across this page recently so this is my first post.

My gyno booked me in for a laparoscopy to check for rectal endometriosis after I described my symptoms. He made it seem like the riskiest thing ever and at the end said 'let's hope it's not that'. It was all so off putting and after reading posts related to endometriosis in the bowels on here, I'm petrified.

I postponed my pre-op assessment because I wasn't given enough time to think about it. Ultimately I know this will be my only option to help the pain in some way.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has been diagnosed with this type of endometriosis and if your laparoscopy went smoothly? The last thing I want is to be opened up, to then be told it was too risky to remove...

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Hi, I have severe endo involving the bowel, which was discovered after my first lap. When I had my second lap with a specialist at a BSGE centre, he did what he could but wouldn't go near my bowel. He said any surgery that involved my bowel in any significant way would have to be performed jointly by himself and a colo-rectal surgeon. So I doubt during this lap they'll perform any significant surgery on your bowel - unless it is involving a colo-rectal surgeon? I'm no expert, but I guess they'd want to diagnose endo involving the bowel before they treat it x

I have confirmed bowel endo and had 2 laps last year. I'm having a 3rd surgery in 2 weeks, which will be a TLH + BSO plus excision of the endo from the bowel. In the previous 2 surgeries the bowel endo was left alone. The first was just diagnostic, and from that the general gynae that carried it out referred me on to a bsge centre as the disease was too advanced for him to treat. The second lap was then carried out at the bsge centre so that they could fully map the disease and plan the third surgery which will involve a colorectal surgeon and urologist as well as the gynaecologist.

No-one wants multiple surgeries but bowel endo needs to be treated carefully and safely and sometimes this takes more than one surgery. It has been hard both physically and emotionally trying to deal with what will have been 3 surgeries in 14 months but sadly this is just how it goes with endo :/

I'm due to go for surgery the 27th of March to remove endo from my pelvic wall and my left ovary from my bowel. I was concerned about my bowel being involved in case they needed to resect or remove my ovary. My specialist was really helpful and put me at ease during the consultation he said it was likely my bowel endo was superficial as I didn't have symptoms of the endo having perforated my bowel. He said he will just shave the endo off my bowel and cut the rest away. I also have an endometrioma on my left ovary so they will drain that and essentially cauterise it to prevent it coming back. I think it depends on your symptoms but make sure you get someone who knows what they are looking for as I had a lap 6 years ago and nothing was seen when my most recent gyni said it must have been it just wasn't seen. x

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