Endo, Lymph Nodes in neck


I have recently been to see a specialist who has diagnosed me with Endo and I am having a Lap operation within the coming months.

For around a month I've had a lump on the back of my neck and I am growing more concerned about it so I wanted to see if this is something that has happened to anyone else? I presume it isn't going to be linked but wanted to check.

I've been to a doctor and she did a good look / feel over and said she wasn't too concerned as it seemed to be a Lymph Node - she said to see how it is over the next month.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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  • It might just be a coincidence but I am having a lap soon to check for endo in the bowels, and I have a lymph node in my neck lol! It appeared around the time I started feeling symptoms too...I doubt it's related though...x

  • Thanks for your reply. This sounds similar to where my endo is. Have you mentioned it to your consultant who is doing the op at all? X

  • Oh gosh! I haven't, I actually backed out of my pre-op assessment because I got too scared with everything I've read about removing endo on the bowels being so risky :( I know I'll have to go through with it at some point... have you mentioned it to yours? Let me know what they say if you do x

  • Oh okay. Yes I knew there a few risks involved! I haven't no. I've been to my doctors but haven't told my consultant but wondering if I should do. X

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