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After 2 weeks of severe pain they removed the mirena coil yesterday- spent 7 hours at hospital nearly admitted - just a question

It's so true we should trust our own judgement after a night doubled over in pain I went to my GP this yesterday who tried to examine me for the strings but couldn't due to the pain she rang the hospital who requested to see me straight away as an 'emergency' initial talk about me being admitted. A lovely lady carried out a tummy and internal scan I then had to sit in the waiting room in agony for 4 hours thinking they had forgotten me- I was then seen by the consultant who fitted the coil who said no way should you be in this pain we are taking it out, he took it out there and then very very painful and lots of blood. Was at the hospital 7 hours in total now resting at home very exhausted and in pain. They are seeing me in clinic in 2 weeks to see where we go from here, help any advise what will I be able to have next now I can't have the coil? I am really annoyed and upset as I really wanted the coil to work so now I don't know what the next step could be 😔 How long after the coil removal will it take for the pain to settle? Xx

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Hi, I had the mirena coil fitted for endometriosis & adenomyosis, I was also in excruciating pain until it was removed in A&E, I found the pain didn't completely settle for months although it gradually eased, but it was an awful experience. I've tried zoladex on 3 occasions the first time was for 6 months with monthly injections/implants & it was really successful but the side effects were really bad but it was the best relief for years. The second & third time it wasn't successful. If you can tolerate the side effects it's worth a try. I hope you feel better soon.

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