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Lap done no endo found x


I'm so glad I found this post! 5 years ago I had endometriosis lasered away. Now I have all the symptoms back, after finally convincing gyne To do a lap test today I came out of theatre to to the gyne telling me she found nothing then I was sent to the ward and sent home without seeing her again! Now I don't know what to think I feel like everyone is looking at me like I made it all up.

Good luck with all of yours ladies I seriously feel for you all Tracey xx

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So sorry you did not receive the answers you wanted but it's good news that no more endo was found, I would not worry about what people are thinking but if you want to feel better just educate them with your response, that endometriosis has no cure and just because it's removed once, that's not the end of it, it can come back and is better to have it checked and re checked than to end up infertile or with bothersome symptoms. Just because people have endometriosis removed during surgery they are not cured, they still have endometriosis, the question is when does it come back? I wouldn't worry about it. If you are worried that the doctors now think you made it up, i would hope they don't think that, many laps are done with nothing found there has to be another reason for the symptoms. Hope your recovery goes well and that you find out what's going on soon!

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