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Jaydess and endometriosis

I'm new here so first of all, hi! I'll try and keep this as short as possible..

So I've always had incredibly painful periods and can rarely move from bed for the first day or two. I was put on the pill (microgynon) at 17 when docs finally understood just how much I was struggling, this worked pretty well for 2.5 years and then I had to come off it because of migraines/mood swings.

I was then persuaded to get the Jaydess at 20.. I've had this in for 7 months now - no periods for the first 4 months, then I've had 3 in the last 3 months - each as painful as my natural periods but lighter. In month 6 I started getting pain (lower right stomach) in between periods and went to see the doctor. After inconclusive scans (coil hadn't moved and no cysts) and various visits I've been told it's likely to be endometriosis.

I don't know a lot about it to be honest. The doctor was adamant that I persist with the Jaydess as its supposed to help and prescribed me mefenamic acid to cope with the pain.

A few weeks later, I've been in pretty much constant pain for the last two weeks with no period or spotting (I was due to start this week but haven't). It's a mix of sharp pain and bad cramps.. Almost like my period should be there??? The mefenamic acid didn't work wonders, and now I'm sat questioning whether this is worth it. I'm unsure of whether it would be better to just have it removed or to stick with it for a little longer?

Does anyone else have a similar experience? Or even just any advice?

I would like to add that I'm a third year at uni meaning there's loads of coursework, plus I work part time to support myself - so being in pain all the time is really really inconvenient.

Thank you in advance!!


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