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Whits end


Hope someone can help me. I'm really getting down and so fed up off the pain.

I've had pain in my lower back and down my leg for ten years. 8 wks ago had a laperoscomy and discovered endo. And cyst on my left Overy. They removed both cyst and endo. I still have the pain so evidently not worked. And now after 6 wks post op I'm getting very frequent hot sweats. I can only describe has flushes.

I was so happy that after ten years off been diagnosed with so many different types of things/ that finely they got it right. Only to be back in pain and now suffering hot sweats.

Please help. I'm 45 and just want to be pain free.

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Back and leg pain suggest endo behind the uterus on the uterosacral ligaments that is often missed in general gynaecology. You need referral to a specialist centre. If you want to join my private FB support group we can guide you to proper care.



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Thank you so much for your reply.

This sounds very tricky to get to. If so. I have got another appointment in 3 wks to see the surgeon again. I was going to ask for a hysterectomy cos it seems like my only option. Will follow your advice and go on youth Fb group.

I just want an end to it all. Can't believe all these women are suffering for so long.

Thankyou so much again

Marie xxx


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