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Hi girls,hope everyone are fine?

Last year I had total hysterectomy,both ovaries taken out,beside that my left urethea was damage so they had to put stent to repair it and it was taken out after 8 weeks it has been four month. I am bit ok but I get pain In my back ,my left side hurts pain radiates on the left side more and goes up the neck,left hand armpit and breast as well my leg and lower back also pain some time. This pain started after my operation,my GP did send me to the urologist, they are going to scan my kidney????? And gynecologist follow up appointment next month.I am sick and tired of my self.i am on ESA since last 5 months,I am called for medical assessment,can anyone please guide me what will be done ? I have started doing volunteer work as I can't cope up doing much work due to pain,I want to take rest for few more weeks get my health back then start to work.my GP said once everything is ruled out and all the reports are cleared then she will put me on HTR. Please guide me on ESA.

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Hi Tasnim you will have to go to your assessment otherwise they will stop your payments unless you have a valid reason to cancel. They will assess your ability to work. They will ask about how you cope at home, if you have any help and also about your medication and medical condition.

Please do not be late otherwise they won't see you.


Google it as it's complex they assess you from the moment you enter the car park against descriptors. If you google esa assessment descriptors or how to pass there is help online out there. Bear in mind they will try to trip you up as they still have targets to fail people. I don't want to scare you but it can be done. They really need to know how it affects your daily life like being able to cook watch TV chat with friends, look after yourself etc. X


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