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Help! Getting to the end of my tether!

I have stage 4 Endo and with increased symptoms and per issues, plus too much time off work I went to gp and they put me on cerazette until op.

Day 12 of cerazette and the cramps have been so intense. Dizzy and exhausted. The bleeding started yesterday and it's so heavy now I am changing a nighttime pad every few hours. I have heard this is normal when starting cerazette but I am confused why I have been given this to help me until op in march when it's going to take that time to actually work. I wanted my periods to stop! Is there not something I can have which will just stop it altogether! I am exhausted! X

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In my experience the only thing that has stopped my period altogether in that time frame is Prostap.

I know Prostap should not be taken lightly and it's not a long term treatment but for me it saved my sanity while waiting for my second op. I was in so much pain and Prostap helped within a month. Also no periods at all after the first injection. It might be worth speaking to your consultant about. X

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I have severe endo and have just been switched from cerazette to prostap in preparation for surgery in March. Was on the cerazette for 6 months and bled a ridiculous amount - it didn't stop my periods and I had bleeding in between, so was often bleeding for weeks at a time with maybe a couple of days respite in the middle somewhere. Although it can stop your periods it doesn't work for everyone and it can take 4-6 months to help (if it's going to help at all).

I've been on the prostap for 10 days now and I've been bleeding heavily since thursday. I had 3 days of no bleeding before that. If you are put on this (and I think it has to be prescribed by a consultant, a GP can't do it) please be aware that the first month is often pretty rough and you may well have bleeding all through it.

I can't be much more help than that unfortunately - I've also had a mirena and I've been given norethisterone and decapeptyl and I have bled on everything :/


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