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Refused diagnosis

I have PCOS and recently my symptoms have become a lot worse. After talking to a gynie friend, I went to my doctors asking to be checked for endo.

The doctor refused saying it was a waste of time until I am trying for children.

I left very upset and confused. Is she right, shall I just stick it out until/if I decide to have children? Or any advice on where to turn to next?

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Are you in the UK?


Yes I am


To be told what you were is outrageous - I wonder where they get these opinions from. Some women choose not to have children or to try late. By such time a woman could have severe endo and then be unable to conceive. Endo is suspected on the basis of symptoms as with any other condition. The guidelines on referral for suspected endo make it very clear that concerns about fertility is one reason (ie failing to conceive after trying for some time) but other reasons include symptoms having been present for some time or if the woman wants a referral. Guidelines also go into great detail as to what symptoms doctors should be taking notice of (many of which often get ignored or diagnosed as other things like IBS). It is all too long to put here but I have a private FB support group with detailed files as to how you should be treated:


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