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Life in limbo

My life has been completely put on hold whilst battling with DR's over my treatment.after many hospitals visits many types of pain relief and many tests tried and i have now finally been told i will be having an operation before christmas to remove adhesions unstick parts and drill my ovaries.but i am now feeling like its almost too good to be true and i wont have it done before christmas and therfore trying not to be excited by the fact it might and that i am so close to a bit of relief from endo.after a long and complicated three years with no definitive diagnosis my family cant help but be excited for me! My emotions are all over the place dont know how to process them atm.

On a seperate note who has had there ovaries drilled? What can i expect? Did it help?

Love E.x

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Dear Eemc2028

I am sorry to hear of your frustration. I personally, haven't heard of the drilling procedure. However, you may find some of the links on our website of use.




We also have a frequently asked questions page:


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